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Today we are going to discuss about a  marketing strategy used mostly by pyramid-structured companies for selling products and services, where workers act as both salespeople and buyers and the revenue of an company is then derived from this non-salaried workforce. 
So, basically हम MLM के बारेमे discuss करने wale है l MLM yani की multi-level marketing जिसे आसान भाषा में Network marketing भी कहा जाता है l
India में MLM ki शुरुवात 1995 के
आस-पास hui थी l Global MLM company Oriflame is said to be the flagbearer of network marketing in India.
Network marketing India में legal है l So are multi-level marketing schemes.
पर पिछले kuch years में bohot sare network marketing frauds disclose hue है l
Business having no actual trade in goods and services directly by investors and promoters use network marketing as tool to trap innocent consumers to invest in MLM schemes. लोगों को भरोसा diya jata है की unka invest kiya hua पैसा recover ho जायेगा l However, such promises never materialize and render huge losses.
Network marketing गलत नहीं है pr kuch businesses इसका गलत इस्तमाल (use) कर rahe है l consumer’s को ऐसे fraud से protect karne के liye Indian government ने
Direct Selling Guidelines 2016 और Prize Chits & Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act 1978 लागू kiya .

🔆How MLM works ??
A person recruits another person who works under him/her. And this person is required to invest a certain amount which is paid to the initial recruiter .
थोडा आसान भाषा में samzte है l
For example
एक person उसके under 3 लोगों को add करता हैl
वो 3 लोग उनके under 3+3+3 yani ki 9 लोगों ko
Add karte है aise hi ye network आगे बढ़ता जाता है l
MLM schemes promise a very high rate of return, but in most cases there is no underlying goods or services which bears any value और यही se fraud की शुरुवात hoti है l

Difference between Legal and Illegal MLM in India?
• Illigal MLM scheme में investor को add करने पर commission diya जाता है और legal MLM schemes me actual product sale करने के बाद distributor ko commission diya जाता है l
• Illigal schemes में unseasonably high rate of return promise किया jata है jiska koi scientific explanation नहीं होता on the other hand in legal schemes there is a scientific basis established for giving compensation to its distributors.
• Illigal schemes ko quick and easy money making opportunity के nazriye से देखा जाता है जो ki बिलकुल hi गलत है l
‘Amway’ ka नाम आपने जरूर सुना होगा l
According to DSN, ‘Amway‘ is the fastest growing MLM company in India.

Just for a reminder “Network marketing गलत नहीं है pr kuch businesses इसका गलत इस्तमाल (use) कर rahe है “l
Network marketing में recent time में bohot fraud ho rahe है so अगर आपका koi family member / friend आपसे aisi किसी scheme में enter करने k liye kahe to ye jarur check करे ki – क्या company koi legitimate physical product / service sell कर rahi है??
Because yahi legal और illigal MLM ko differentiate करने ka आसान तरीका है l
aise fraud का victim hone के बाद आपका friend ya family member जिसने आप से involve hone k liye kaha था उसको criticized करके koi फायदा nahi because वो भी आप hi की तरह fraud में trap हो chuka है l
ll Be careful be safe ll

ll धन्यवाद ll



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