Privatisation boom in India

ll🙏नमस्ते🙏ll India 1991 तक biggest financial crisis se गुजर रहा tha. Crisis overcome करने ke liye Dr. Manmohan Singh (Former Finance Minister of 1991) ne New Financial Reforms introduced kiye, jisme privatisation ko बढ़ावा diya gaya. Late Former Prime Minister Narsimha Rao ke government ne यह policy को accept kiya. Read more…


Black Market & Black Money

🙏नमस्कार 🙏 Welcome to Today we here to discuss about an illegal system in which products that are difficult or expensive to buy legally are bought and sold. The income derived from such illegal trade is often referred to as ‘black money’/ कालाधन’ l But hold on , Black Read more…

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